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Delta Industrial Group has been participating in manufacturing, producing and distributing locks, handles and padlocks over the past four decades.
Kavian Brothers as founders and top executives of the company, alongside personnel from Design, Manufacturing and Quality control departments, respect to the customers’ selections and strive to continue developing new products to catch up to ever-changing demands of the markets. The combination of strict quality control, skills and well-equipped facilities ensure the best products for your applications.

Delta Industry Group History


Delta Industry Group, with over forty years of industrial experience, produces locks, plaque handles and fastenings.

Delta Industry Group’s maxim include quality, technology and innovation.

The secret of Delta’s success, and its successful presence, is considering the quality. Respective studied show that having high-quality is the most important reason that Delta’s products are purchased by respected consumers; and considering the high volume of our production, we are proud to retain the high quality of our products at any cost, by meeting the standards of the Quality Control System, ISO, and monitoring the  staff of production department continuously.

It is so apparent in Delta’s production department, considering the product’s structure and the product and production technology. These have been our permanent practice and approach, which have ever been considered by Delta’s directors, to consider the product’s beauty and the simplicity of its feature, to reduce the cost price using modern technologies and to equip the company with modern and up-to-date machinery.

It requires having knowledge of the day and continued monitoring the market and the respected consumer’s demand to innovate and create new, efficient and durable products.

This catalogue is as a part of our process of producing new products in Delta Industrial Group which is accessible to our respected purchasers. We hope that we have been able to meet your expectations, as our respected consumers who have been always our encouragers and motives, and we are always proud to have been able to produce an Iranian product which is in world-class quality.

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